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A Note From A Friend

Myles and I met, appropriately enough, through an art contest when we were both in the seventh grade. We each had our partisan friends who thought we were "the best artist in school", but rather than becoming fierce competitors, we became fast friends, spending lunch hours discussing perspective, philosophy, and favorite artists.

While the seventh grade contest was never decided, a year later, Myles won first place in the school art show. Over the years Myles has gone on to win innumerable awards, but I know that the opinions of friends, family, and those who enjoy his work are more important to him.

An 'A' student who finished up the entire math program well before high school graduation, Myles only took a single art class. Few know that Myles also has an acting background, (though if you study his paintings, you will see that his characters have a definite sense of inner life to them).

We went to different high schools (a good thing since at the time he was getting leads in his school plays, I was getting leads in mine) but we remained good friends and went to the same the college . . . for a year. Even in college, few of his courses were art related. He has always preferred to rely upon his own ability to observe and invent, which led to the development of his unique technique and style. Acting overtook art in my life, and while I remained in school and got my acting degree, Myles went on to become a husband and father. After college graduation, I hit the road as a stand-up comic. Myles pursued that which he was destined to pursue.

Myles considered other career paths--mathematics, acting, languages, religion--but as was clear way back in seventh grade, Myles was meant to be an artist.

When he did decide to take a couple of art classes, he was only in class a few weeks before one of his instructors offered him a job in his agency. He learned much of the technical aspects of an art career there, and in 1986 embarked upon the life of a freelancer. His artwork was soon sought after by high-tech firms, book and magazine publishers, television production companies, art publishers, and collectible marketers.

Today there are hundreds of thousands of Myles Pinkney's prints hanging in homes all over the world. His work also appears as puzzles, cards, book and magazine covers, life-sized stand-ups, figurines and collector plates.

In 1995, work began on the first of his fantasy calendars. Produced by Portal Publications, these have been popular from their inception, and have won awards every year of publication.

 Looking at a Myles Pinkney painting is like seeing an entire movie in a single frame. First the image catches your eye, then you notice additional nuances as you travel around- and within- each painting. It's not unusual for someone to have a print for years, and then to suddenly see some new detail that had somehow previously escaped their detection. Have a look at some of the "detail" pages on this site, such as the "Leaves Detail" from Merlin's Oak, and you will begin to see what I mean.

Myles Pinkney's paintings also depict a larger universe. The shape of it becomes more apparent with each new painting you see. Twisted logic,incredible detail, and a quirky sense of humor all combine to create a world of infinite impossibilities into which the viewer is drawn again and again.

So have a look around, I think you will like what you see.

- Reno Goodale