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in gold ink,

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Painting Comments

What a Beauty
Source: Melissa from Indio, CA, USA
     I'm a fan of mystical art, a collector of dragons and wizards. I first came across a Myles Pinkney calendar and honestly I was captivated by the beauty and detail of his work. Every picture I've seen gets me. Every detail as if he were there at that time. A beauty. This is my favorite piece.
Source: Weird from Johnstown, Pennsylvania, USA
     I love any work by Myles Pinkney, but this is just so magnificent! It stands out from all the rest by leaps and bounds. Also, it gives true meaning to that famous quote of Shakespeare's, "A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet."
My counterpart
Source: Rebecca DeWinter from Lowell, MA, USA
     It's great, I don't know whether to hang it, tattoo it. Has been a long wait, but all these new prints are terrific.

Source: Jackie from Corpus Christi, Texas, USA
     This picture is Gorgeous! I love it! It's breath-taking. I love it.

One of my favorites
Source: Ryche Brash from Tulsa, OK, USA
     I can not wait until the day I get this as a tattoo. I hope one day I can meet Myles and have him sign my tattoo.

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