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Christmas Presence

Lithographs of this piece,

signed by the artist in gold ink,

are available for purchase


Painting Comments


Source: CDover from St. Louis, MO, USA
     I purchased this print about 5 years ago and everyone who looks at is amazed at the details. It is truly a work of art. I collect Christmas themed pictures and this is by far the most elaborate I have seen to date. There are more expensive prints and paintings but none quite compare. Framed and matted this print is timeless and elegant and gets reactions from everyone who looks at it. A truly wonderful piece by a truly gifted artist.
Source: Santa Tom Myers from Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, AZ, USA
     I find the detail in this Santa extraordinary. Myles has put the Haddon Sundbloom Coca-Cola Santa image out to pasture with this image. Only wish I could have a Santa suit like this one in my closet! Ho Ho Ho!
Myles the Gentleman
Source: Adrian Hughes from Wales, UK
     I was in correspondence with Myles via email some years ago, and being the very decent guy he is, he sent my children two signed copies of his Christmas Presence posters and a 2004 signed calender. The children are now 11 and 6 and put up the framed posters every Christmas as decorations and boast to school friends about the prints. Thanks Myles. Christmas is still special with these prints.
Source: Santa Tom Myers from Phoenix, AZ, USA
     This is an amazing depiction of Santa and is my favorite depiction of the jolly old elf. I believe Myles should supplant the Haddon Sundblom Coca-Cola Santa's with his vision of Santa Claus. I bought a life size standee made from this print and keep it up in my living room all year long to inspire me.
Charming Contradictions
Source: Sarah from Oregon
     I like Christmas Presence better every time I look at it. I have not yet taken it to be framed, so it is sort of a ceremony unrolling it and spreading it out on the dining room table. It is so full of charming contradictions . . . every grownup's vision of what Christmas should be for their children, but never in anyone's actual memory. An ultra realistic technique of a fantastic scene masquerading as a realistic scene. Santa in loving heavy detail, but, I swear, floating a couple inches above the carpet. That gives it a magical element. Its irony is all wrapped up in real maple syrup. All the wretched overblown excesses of American Christmas and with an almost straight face. And a Santa who lets us in on the secret.
Source: Debby from San Francisco
     Magnificent!!!!!!!!!! I just wanted to relay that I have never seen such a beautiful rendition of Santa Claus! The detail is incredible all the way down to his elf ear!!!!!!!!!! I just finished doing the puzzle and it just kept improving continually! My fiance and his father helped me complete the puzzle. They comented on what a beautiful and colorful picture it was. I bought a beautiful gold frame and it looks stupendous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I am eventually going to buy some prints! Myles you are talented beyond belief and I am glad you are using your God given talent and sharing it with the world! You bring such joy to my life just gazing on your work! Thanks for all you do and share!

Source: Gigglebox829 from Denver, Colorado, USA
     I received my print yesterday. The online photo doesn't do it justice. This print is truly a work of art. The concept, execution, style, colors, detail.....all are amazing! I can't wait to get it framed. This piece may just stay up all year long. Thanks Myles!


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