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Source: Marc from Denver, CO
     This painting is awe inspiring. The details are definitely a work of art. Magic dust, flames, smoke and fire are all present as the dragon seemingly resists. The Wizard stands on marble and his flowing robes are purely magical and colorful - - - belonging only to a Wizard. I have two Myles' Wizards and they are absolutely fabulous. I thought The Dragonmaster was available at one time as a statue, but have not been able to find it. I love these works!
Puzzle Lover
Source: spiderflight from Austin, TX, USA

     I have "The Astronomer" puzzle and just love it. For someone who loves to build puzzles and then keep them for display, this one was the kicker to send me looking for more artwork by Myles Pinkney! Just gotta find this picture (Dragonmaster) to complete my collection.

I Had This One Growing Up

Source: Sheryn from Tucson

     And I just got one of the plates as a gift! One of my favorite works of art ever. It always inspired me.

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