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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is sold on this site?

    We sell prints of Myles Pinkney's fantasy and science fiction paintings. These are high quality products, personally approved by the artist. Most are giclée prints, while a few are lithographs. Paintings available as prints are marked with an asterisk in the Painting Index, and can also be found in the Web Store.

2. I have seen Myles Pinkney's artwork on calendars, plates and puzzles. Do you sell these on your site?
     You can find Myles' artwork in many forms, including book and magazine covers, greeting cards, calendars, puzzles and posters. There are also collectible plates, figurines, sculptures and a number of other items from such companies as The Bradford Exchange and The Franklin Mint. Information about some of the products that have featured Myles Pinkney's artwork can be found on the Career page. Specialty items with Octoonus sayings and Myles' artwork can also be purchased through our shop on Cafe Press. On this site, however, we only offer prints of his work.

3. What materials does Myles Pinkney use?
     The paintings are done on gessoed hardboard using gouache, watercolors, acrylics, and acrylic varnish. Some of his newer paintings are produced digitally using a Macintosh computer and imaging software.

4. How long does it take to complete a painting?
     Seven days to seven years, but usually about eight to ten weeks. Generally, more than one painting is in progress at any given time.  

5. How does Myles Pinkney get such fine detail?
     The detail is achieved with multiple layers of paint, applied and removed with a wide variety of techniques. Each layer is sealed with acrylic varnish. Myles jokes that he is a "maximalist" painter or a "Transrealist Post-Preraphaelite." But just including a lot of detail is not the important thing. The details must be interesting. Most serve a purpose. In Christmas Presence, for instance, one can enjoy the piece for its immediate and obvious subject matter: Santa by the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. But for those who want to explore further, there is an abundance of detail that takes the observer into the image. The ornaments, gifts, architectural details, and all the various colors and textures allow those who take the time to live in this world for a time.

6. Does Myles Pinkney have a catalog?
     There is no catalog currently available. Please see the Career page for information on some of the products that have featured Myles Pinkney’s artwork.

7. May I use one of Myles Pinkney's images on my website?
     Yes, if you would like to feature a piece Myles Pinkney's artwork on your personal website, that would be fine, as long as the artwork is not altered and the notice “copyright Myles Pinkney” is placed next to the image. Please include a link to this website along with the image.

8. May I use Myles Pinkney's artwork for my business?
     We appreciate your interest in Myles Pinkney's artwork and understand your desire to use it for CD covers, business promotional materials, logos, etc. We must respectfully ask you, however, not to modify or use his work for any of these purposes without a contractual agreement. The income from Myles Pinkney's artwork is derived primarily through licensing. Because of this, and for the protection of copyright and the integrity of the artwork, the right to use the artwork can only be granted to those with whom Mr. Pinkney has contracted. All such contracts must be for specific rights, an agreed upon term and for compensation. This protection is for both the artist and for his licensees past, present and future.