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Matthew VII

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piece, signed by the artist

in gold ink,

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Painting Comments

Source: Laura from South Carolina, USA
     So glad I found this! I saw it in Clubhouse Magazine and had to find more pictures.
Source: Lillian from Australia
     What can I say!! This is by far my most favourite Myles Pinkney artwork! It's absolutely breathtaking! Now I'm going to have to try and find a print to hang on my wall!
Source: AZTROY from Phoenix, AZ, USA
     I have been waiting for this for over 10 years to reappear. Never a more stunning depiction of the choice that awaits each of us as we travel through this life. THANK YOU for releasing again!
Finally located!

Source: Anonymous from Danville, PA, USA

     I too have been hoping to find this picture that my son took from his Breakaway magazine many years ago to hang on his bedroom wall. He's married & moved on, but I still study the picture often.
Source: Ben from Wallingford, Connecticut, USA
     I also have been looking for this for a long time. It's a great piece. Thanks for putting it up.
I finally got mine

Source: AZTROY from Gilbert, AZ, USA
     I waited for many years to find and then actually purchase this piece. My wife gave this to me for my birthday this year. A fantastic birthday gift!

Source: Aquarrien from North Carolina, USA
     Notice the widths of the two entrances.  Very clever.

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