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Merlin's Oak

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Painting Comments

Source: Stephanie & David from Colorado Springs, CO, U.S.A
     This piece is the very definition of magnificence. Not only am I a HUGE fan of Myles Pinkney's artwork, but I regard him as the absolute best fantasy artist that exists today. Viewing his work online is no comparison to the real thing. The crisp, detailed and flawless beauty can only be appreciated in person.
Source: WI77ARD from Southern Cal, USA
     We have had our print of Merlin's Oak hanging in our living room for about two years now. What we have been enjoying lately is watching our friends as they stand in front of it making discoveries and speculating on who the girl might be. It is a pleasure to have artwork that is so engaging and beautiful.
Source: Ricky D. Thorpe from Adelaide, South Australia
     This painting challenges my interpretive power and has multiple dimensions to its radiant face. It is a very beautiful piece, I believe it to be Pinkney's finest work. I love this and when I buy it, I will be a happy chappy.
Source: FireDragon from Surrey, B.C., Canada
     This picture is amazing. It is so beautiful. It must have taken you ages because of all the detail that was put into it. You must love mystery and fantasy because you have put a lot of love into these paintings. Wow!

Source: enelrad from Maple Ridge, BC, Canada
     What can one really say except to thank you for keeping the magic alive. I have believed in dragons, magicians and magical lands for as long as I can remember. You make it all the more believable. I am now in my sixties and can only say, "Wow!!! Why weren't you around when I was younger?" Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


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