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Collector Plates


These collector plates were produced and sold by Franklin Mint between 1998 and 2000.


Plate Name: Dragon Offering

Painting: Dragon's Eye

Plate Name: Dragon Flight

Painting: Dragonflight

Plate Name: Summoning of the Dragon

Painting: Spellbound


Plate Name: Sorcerer's Spell

Paintings: The Wizard & Dragon Nebula

Plate Name: Dragonlands

Paintings: Dragonlands & The Green Knight

Plate Name: Moon Mystic

Painting: Magic


Plate Name: Lure of the Dragon

Painting: Dragon's Fire

Plate Name: Dragon Fire

Painting: The Wizard King

Plate Name: The Dragon Master

Painting: Dragonmaster


Plate Name: Dragon Tamer

Painting: Star Chasers

Plate Name: Dragon Rising

Painting: Dragon Mountain

Plate Name: Dragon Star
Painting: The Elder

Plate Name: Dragon Storm

Painting: Dragonstorm

Plate Name: The Magic of Santa

Painting: Christmas Presence