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Star Chasers

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Source: twen from Rena, Norway
     This is such a beautiful setting, this painting always gives me a good fantasy-feeling! I wish I was the one in the balloon.... The calendar-version of this hangs on my bedroom wall!

Source: Felicia D. Francis from Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
     That’s quite a spectacular harness that adorns the neck of this dragon! The friendly ever-present triple ravens are here again. Another fancy jet stream decorates the sky. Beautiful sunset over the mountains of fire, a little molten river flows below. Dragon seems quite content to pull his basket of master along.

love it
Source: Mizz Kitty from Chandler, Arizona, USA
     I used to have the puzzle of this picture, a long time ago. Back then I decided that if I ever have the money that I would get this picture tattooed on my back. 10 years and 2 kids later, I am finally able to afford it. When it is complete I would like to submit it to someone affiliated with Mr. Pinkney so that he and his family could see how much people like me appreciate his hard work and talent. Thank You for your vision, it helps us all to see.

Had the puzzle

Source: Coy Phillips from Alaska

    I had the puzzle when I was very little, I cut the picture off of the puzzle box and still have it on the wall. I would love to buy a print.


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