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Steampunk Myles


Myles Pinkney has enjoyed a career as a professional artist for almost three decades. He is recognized for his rich and detailed science fiction and fantasy paintings which have been reproduced in a variety of formats, including book and magazine covers, prints, puzzles and a variety of collectibles. His award-winning calendars and collector plates have often been top sellers worldwide.

Myles works in water-base media, using thin layers of paint and varnish to achieve an unrivaled richness of color, mastery of texture and a remarkable density of detail. His artwork has always contained themes of intricate, old-world design, reflected in both the apparel and environments of his characters, as well as a fascination with the aesthetics of mechanical devices. This fascination is especially evident in the Astronomer’s telescope, the robotic clown in Copernicus, Conveyor’s mechanical dragon and Santa’s ray gun in Christmas Time.


An early venture into constructing a large mechanical piece, done before Steampunk became a genre, is his Contraption. This complex device, incorporating bells, whistles, gauges and electricity, is designed to work as a portable airbrush/compressor machine.

The Contraption


After years of creating models as reference for his paintings, Myles has more recently turned his attention to building full scale mechanical objects that appear to have been snatched out of an alternate time or found in some long abandoned laboratory. His attention to detail and interest in color and texture, evident in his paintings, can also be found in these Steampunk creations.

The De-Optimizer

A subtle form of self-defense


The Necrophone

Those who have passed are just a phone call away


Stovepipe Hat

A favorite among chimney-sweeps


Propeller-driven Boater

Enjoy an aerial view on your outing to the park