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The Alchemist

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This is most likely my favorite painting

Source: Skyler J. from Minnesota, USA
     First time I saw it, I was amazed simply at how meticulous it was. I thought to myself "I need to find this artist". Every time I look at it, I find something in it that I had not noticed before.

I have this picture
Source: Jamie W from Canberra, Australia
     I have had "The Alchemist" as a poster now for over 10 years and I still stare at it for some time noticing, from time to time, things that my eye had not captured before. Unfortunately the poster is a little tattered after moving from house to house, and from wall to wall. I am currently searching for the same poster again and if hopefully I am fortunate to locate another, it will certainly be going in a lovely timber frame! I like the idea of the lizard and the bat’s wing being used as bookmarks, and on the bottom right-hand side there seems to be what looks like a dragon’s tail coming into the picture. As I am writing this very comment, I had another quick look at the poster and noticed a playing card with the spade symbol on it. So there you go - after more than a decade I am still finding things in this wonderful work of art!
Source: Ashley Taylor-senn from Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
     What I like about your painting and what gives it beauty is its color and its mysterious effect. I am 14 years old and I'd love to paint like that.


Source: Felicia D. Francis from Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
     A floating candle, the wick is becoming very long. Love the swirls of smoke coming off of it. It looks like the outline of a hat just above that candle. The fire on the ring looks like a dragon, and a little flame elf dances before him. The old man looks quite engrossed in his work. The pages of the closed book at the bottom of the stack are quite ornate. Lots of strange little items, bottles and jars adorn this desktop.

Source: Justin Keith from Boston, MA, USA
     This is the best work he has ever done and I'm not shunning his other work by any means. I could stare at any of his paintings for hours and always find new things. The more detail, the better.

It's Awesome!
Source: Hayley from Tasmania
     I saw this picture hanging in my friend's loungeroom years ago. I thought it was absolutely beautiful and i have been trying to find it ever since my friend moved away. This is my favourite of Myles Pinkney's gallery. The detail and colour and magical essence in this picture has been inspiring to me as i am really into art and am looking at starting some work on magic and enchantment. It is possibly the best piece of artwork i've come across. I really want to know where i can find a poster size copy of it for myself!
The Alchemist

Source: Carolyn from Florissant, Colorado, USA
     I'd love to see this in full size . . . so many hidden objects. Like Bev Doolittle . . . but so much better. In fact, I hesitate to utter her name in the presence of Mr. Pinkney's work.


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