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The Astronomer

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Painting Comments

Mesmerising and Magical
Source: Jenny from Hobart, Tasmania, AUSTRALIA
     I bought a framed copy of "Merlin" (I used to call him Copernicus but decided that was too rooted in reality to suit him) in the late 90s. My copy is 90cm x 60cm and the colours are so intense and gorgeous, and the content so engrossing, that I had to hang it at the foot of my bed so I could gaze at it in comfort! And the perfect musical accompaniment is the wild and stormy "In The House of the Mountain King" from the Peer Gynt Suite.
Source: saorsa from Ellicott City, MD, USA
   I found a jigsaw puzzle of your painting on Ebay. It was unavailable elsewhere. I was charmed by the mix of fantasy and science, and the search for truth, in the painting.
Source: WI77ARD from Southern Cal, USA
     I have seen this as a puzzle, but I am not really a puzzle person. I would really like to see the details of this artwork in a print like Merlin's Oak. I am fascinated by the telescope and other paraphernalia in the wizard's observatory and want to see it up close.


Source: Aleigha from Tampa, FL, USA

     So excited to find the original artist. I've been looking for more of your artwork, and I don't know why it took me so long to figure out to do a reverse image search. This image is beautiful and I'm happy to have found even more of your artwork!


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