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The Elder


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Source: Marika Segal from San Clemente

     The painting is beautiful. I love how bits of universal matter such as the spiral galaxy are in the Elder's right long sleeve and the sparkling stars on the rocks. 

Source: Simon Brown from South Australia
     This painting is my all time favorite wizard picture. It is how I dream a real wizard would look.
Source: Carlos from Kentucky, USA
     After having this print on my wall for about 7 years, I decided to look for the artist signature. I can't believe I actually found the same print, on this website! I really love all of the artworks. I am kind of in a state of awe right now, I've looked at this every night hanging in front of my bed as I went to sleep. I remember when I first got it when I was 10, I'd have dreams about being inside of it.

The Elder

Source: Carolyn from Florissant, Colorado, USA
     Awe inspiring! Myles' sense of composition and balance is impeccable. Master material!


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