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The Wizard King

Lithographs of this piece,

signed by the artist in gold ink, 

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Painting Comments

A Fan of Yours
Source: Jist from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
     This is, i think, the best painting you have ever created, it has multiple meanings like yin-yang; without the calm, mystic wizard the bold powerful dragon is nothing and also another meaning is that everything no matter how big and violent can be tamed. This painting is big and bold and strong as well as soft and subtle depending on how you look at it. I also like how you always put your symbol somewhere within your painting.
Powerful and Enchanting
Source: Quarren from Asheboro, North Carolina, USA
     This is probably my favorite out of Mr. Pinkney's works. The title "The Wizard King" clearly implies that the depicted wizard is one of tremendous stature and power. That said, the actual painting relays this message in an interesting way, not by focusing on the wizard himself, but his surroundings. A marble platform floating on a torrent of lava that seems to just drop out into space. The combination of these elements, and the fact that they do not seem to bother him, represents some incredible skill with magic. Also, the circular light formation just behind the wizard seems to be part of his throne, yet another detail that shows his command over the universe. The gold dragon (I think it's gold but really up to your imagination) sits behind him serving as a friend or guardian, presumably the former as it is doubtful a wizard of such power would have need of the latter. As for the wizard, his enormous beard (comparable to a lion's mane) is a symbol of his age! and position. His staff seems to be an intricate weaving of some arcane metal (again it's up to your imagination) perhaps illustrating the complexity of magic. Overall, this painting is crisp and creative.
Source: J from Portland, Oregon, USA
     I really love the detail within this painting is just amazing, just like all of your other work...good characteristics. Looks like you put your heart to work when you do your drawings. Keep it up.
Master Blackwolf on "The Wizard King"
Source: Blackwolf the Dragonmaster, Duke of Talisker from New York City, NY, USA
     All kneel before the intense force that is the Wizard King! There he sits upon his mighty Dragon Throne, his jewel-encrusted Power Sceptre firmly in hand, staring straight at you with the intensity that says that the word of the Wizard King is law. Huzzah!

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