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The Best Depiction of Father Time

Source: Arron Pinkney from Charlotte, NC
     There are no words to describe this image; because that's what it is, an image. It's far more accurate than any painting or drawing. You can see how ageless he is in his eyes and beard to a tee. The Ancient Alignment of Time above his head looks like something only he knows how to tell, thus making him the ultimate Time.

Keeper!  stunning in metal!
Source: DQueenheids77 from Australia
     this image is amazing. the detail is quite well rendered and the metallic theme is quite striking. has anyone thought to approach you to make this into a metal engraving of some kind? i think it would add a new dimension! love it!


Source: Carolyn from Florissant, Colorado, USA
     I agree with DQ....this would be so awesome embossed into a tin ceiling panel.

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