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Painting Comments

Freedom and beyond...
Source: Mistress Denna from Somerset, UK
     The lightness of spirit conveyed by the effortlessly executed jete as she leaps into the unknown with a light heart and a keenness to move onward, leaving the swathing misty veils of her past life behind her.....
Sky's Dream
Source: Christina Coley from Illinois, USA
     I like this picture. I looks like she is dressing up the night sky with stars.
An Interpretation
Source: Felicia D. Francis from Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
     A girl as she sees herself in her dreams; the freedom to just 'be.' Floating and dancing without the hindrance of gravity or its constraints. Its simplistic beauty sets it apart and frames it with much grace, entwined with wild imaginings.
Source: Albert Gazeley from Sometimes UK, Sometimes HK
     I am retired and poetry is a very serious hobby of mine - I love everything to do with Fairies and Fantasia. I can hear Clair De Lune . . . playing in the background. An amazing painting full of love, life and imitation.
Source: Kavita Prashar from West Bromwich, England, United Kingdom
     I think that the painting is good. I like the colours and the combination on the painting. I would like to know more about this painting, e.g. does it mean something, when did you draw it, why did you?
Just love it - a long time favorite

Source: Jennifer from Pennsylvania, USA
     Back in college, this particular piece was in one of the calendars I had. After the year was over, I cut this one out and it hung on my walls through many moves from college then to grad school. The delicacy of the veils floating and transforming into a nebula is so impressive. And I'm just so impressed with the effect of translucence in the nebula itself. Just wonderful.


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